All you need to know about the Blue Whale Challenge APK Download Steps

Blue Whale Challenge Game is quite popular in the World and it is played by lots of people. This Game has many different levels in which one have to complete all the 50 levels to complete entire Game.

People are very reluctant to download this game into their devices like Windows Phone, Windows PC, Laptop, Android devices, MAC etc. So people require it, but lots of people don’t know how to download it into their devices.

It has 50 levels and each level has some tasks to complete and without completing those tasks people can’t go ahead to the next level. Every Task consists of some difficulty and after completing every level your tasks difficulty gets increased.

So it is a quite Challenging game for everyone who is interested in many different Challenges. People have to target those given Challenges and try to move ahead to face another Challenge till 50 Levels.

Once people complete the 50th level, your Game complete gets completed. But it is very tough at reach the 50th Level.

It can be install in your Android device directly through going to any Site on the Net and downloading and installing the APK File to your Android device. But it can’t be downloaded and install on your Windows Platform as it is the Android Application.

But people can be able to download and Install it into their Windows devices like Windows Phone, Laptop and MAC etc. with the help of Android Emulator which built a bridge between the Android and Windows Platform. So It is Important for knowing about how to download and install it into the Windows Platform Devices.

So I will show you how to download and install the Blue Whale Game. You have to follow my Steps to download and install it in your device.

1) People should First download and install any Android Emulator such as Bluestacks, Andy OS, Java Beans etc.

2) After that, people should go to the Browser of the Android Emulator which they have download and installed on their Windows devices.

3) In the Browser, people should type at the top of the Browser in the Box given.

4) People should type “Download Blue Whale Challenge Game APK” and then the Google will find and provide you many Sites of the Blue Whale Challenge Game.

5) You have to choose one Site of the Blue Whale Challenge Game from lots of the Site provided on your Screen.

6) So Click on one of the Sites of the Blue Whale Challenge Game and you will see the Download Option given inside the Blue Whale Challenge Game Site.

7) So Click on that Download Button and your Installation will get started in seconds and your File of the Blue Whale Challenge Game will be downloaded in few minutes as per your Internet connection.

8) After installing it into your device in the Android Emulator, people should open the Blue Whale Challenge APK File of the Blue Whale Challenge Game and Install it by accepting the Install Option provided in your device.

9) People should accept that installation permission asked by the device to the user and the installation will get complete in some seconds.

10) Wait till the Installation of the Game gets complete and your Blue Whale Game will be installed in your Windows device in the Android Emulator and you can then start playing the Game by Clicking on the Blue Whale Challenging Game Application in the Main Menu of the Android Emulator.