Handful of almonds a day boosts ‘good’ cholesterol that protects against heart disease

Handful of almonds a day boosts ‘good’ cholesterol that protects against heart disease

The researchers compared cholesterol levels in 48 people aged 30 to 65 years with high levels of “bad” or LDL cholesterol in two six-week periods.

Study participants were the identical regimens throughout the trial period, plus some received 43g whole unsalted almonds with skin and another banana butter butter eating every day.

Blood samples were taken to determine participants’ cholesterol levels at baseline and after six weeks.

Increases good cholesterol by 19%
The results reveal that eating a handful of almonds a day significantly improves the good cholesterol people.
The union to the nut increases the amount of 19 percent substance protector.

Almonds also improve the function of 6.4 percent cholesterol, resulting in the removal of more plaque in the arteries.

The results were published in the Journal of Nutrition.
“A great addition to a healthy diet”
Professor Penny Kris-Etherton said: “HDL is very small when put into circulation.

It is like a garbage bag that is becoming more and more spherical because it brings the cells and tissues to cholesterol before they are placed in the liver to be analyzed.

“We were able to show that there were larger particles in response to almond consumption compared to non-consumed almonds.

“This would give rise to smaller particles doing what they are supposed to do.

“They go to the tissues and eliminate cholesterol, be bigger and bring cholesterol to the liver to remove the body.”

Previous research shows an increase in good cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease to a person.
Almonds also increase overall health by being a good source of healthy fats, vitamin E and fiber.

Professor Kris-Etherton added: “If people incorporate almonds into their diet, they should expect various benefits, including those that can improve heart health.

“They are not a cure, but when consumed in moderation – especially when eaten instead of a food of lower nutritional value – they are a great addition to a healthy diet already.”