FireStarter Apk Latest Version Download | AppStarter Apk Kodi For Amazon FireTV

Download the latest version of FireStarter Apk here from the links below. We have given a working link to download the apest firestarter application which is very useful for watching Amazon Fire Tv, You can download the free firestarter application, we have also listed the steps on how to download firestarter for PC now, Let’s see how firestarter works –

FireStarter is the popular FIRE TV replacement application from Amazon. FireStarter apk is the non-root Apk launcher designed for Amazon FIRE TV and solves all problems related to side-loading applications on Fire TV

FireStarter Apk Latest Version Free Download


Amazon listed Blacklist FireStarter primarily for its features and deleted two major features and renamed it AppStarter Apk. AppStarter does not have HOME button detection and can not even be released automatically.

FireStarter Apk had to be updated manually with Appstarter on your device. Appstarter provides an update for Kodi and SMPC, which allows an automatic update periodically.

* Unfortunately, Amazon has launched a blacklist of FireStarter and launched a new application for beginners like AppStarter. People who use FireStarter Apk must go to AppStarter via the links below. I have to provide download links for FireStarter Apk and the AppStarter option to FIRE TV below.

FireStarter Apk is the best tool to create shortcuts on the Kodi home screen. FireStarter lists all the applications installed by the user, including the associated applications and installed ADB applications. FireStarter is the best alternative launcher for Amazon Fire TV.

Advantages of Firestarter:


This is one of the most explosive launchers with a real click button detection at home. This is a default setting that starts automatically. This application offers an automatic update mechanism and offers the possibility of exporting / importing the configuration.

You can also hide all applications from the application drawer, as well as settings. Firer Styler also lets you sort applications by clicking, dragging and dropping. Therefore, FireStarter is basically intended for those who do not want to create their Fire TV.

Provides complete configurable actions for startup with a start button, a single click, or a start button, double-click. You can start Kodi by double-clicking and running FireStarter with one click.