Was Trump Right About Coal?

In the six months since the presidency of the United States, Donald Trump has dramatically changed the global conversation on the long-term sustainability of fossil fuels. The recent announcement that the US Using its post in the UN’s Green Climate Fund to promote the construction of coal-fired power stations in the world is the stated intention of the administration to use its influence in a number of global energy and climate organizations. Carbon capture technologies. Despite withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement less than two years after its signing, the Trump administration has managed to remain a global energy perspective by changing the actor as a key resource for the world. Development: coal.

No matter the tumult. Trump could be on something – a surprising fact for an administration unknown by his enlightened policies. Among developing economies, including the Chinese and Indian giants growing, there is an existing long recognition of the need for fossil fuels, especially coal power. While some have argued that natural gas is better suited to developing economies, the fact is that coal is more abundant and has a competitive advantage over natural gas in many markets, especially in South East and sub-Saharan Africa, Where coal reserves abound.

For example, growth in India’s economy means that the appetite for gas, nuclear and coal increases in the country by the year: 30 percent of the increase in global demand for energy by 2040 will come from India . In China, a similar rate of growth will see coal production increase by 19% by 2020. But massive coal growth is not limited to Asia alone, such as Africa A large consumer of coal.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that African coal consumption of 5 trillion BTU in 2012 7 trillion BTU in 2040 due to increasing demand for electricity. Sub-Saharan Africa is through vast reserves of accessible and easy-to-exploit coal, which means that coal-based electricity will remain an important economically viable source for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately for developing countries, global rhetoric is always possible, a direct path to the elimination of fossil fuels, despite the obvious economic ramifications for growing economies. Global institutions and international financial institutions have taken a flexible approach to the issue by promoting renewable energies with more flexible approaches to energy consumption that could include an abundant resource such as coal. The decision of the World Bank in 2013 to severely restrict the funding of coal-fired power plants, or the Deutsche Bank policy in 2017 to take advantage of all the coal financing, are two examples of this global trend.

Particularly in Africa, where countries rely on coal to meet their energy needs, these constraints have put pauses in their development. Unsurprisingly, African leaders as finance minister of Nigeria, Kemi Adeosun, lamented that African countries are denied the face of coal paralyzing energy shortage in the interest of CO2 reduction targets. CO2 emissions in Africa is low in absolute terms as per capita, the Tanzanian Energy Minister has specifically stated in 2014 his country intends to intensify the use of coal in the future during a visit by President Obama.

Renewables: Trump’s Key To U.S. Energy Dominance?

As a pro-oil administration entered the White House, the oil industry lobby welcomed America-First’s energy strategy, while proponents of cleaner energy argued that the United States “United States Needs a more diversified energy mix in which renewable energies should have a greater participation.

The outgoing president of the pro-oil field Trump argued that more US oil and gas drilling will increase energy independence, create more jobs and ultimately lead to US power domination.

The other view is that, despite the skeptics, climate change is here and a threat, and the United States should use more renewable energy in its energy matrix if global warming is possible and follow the rest of the World in terms of clean energy development.

Last week, the debate was the articles of the Point / Counterpoint Center in The State Journal-Register, in which Jack N. Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute (API), and Michael Kraft, Professor Emeritus of Science Politics and Public and Environmental Affairs of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, offered his views on the expansion of US oil drilling to boost jobs.

Gerard, the API, argued that the US oil and gas industry is an “exceptional work creator” that adds billions of dollars to the US economy and stimulate economic activity in all states, whether large-scale producers Of oil or gas.

On the other hand, Professor Kraft emphasizes that the cleaner energy revolution reduces energy costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality and public health.

In his opinion piece, the IPY president quoted a study by PwC for the Petroleum Institute and published last month, indicating that in 2015 the oil and gas industry has supported 10 3 million full-time jobs And part-time through direct employment and indirect support to other sectors.

This is a 5.2 percent increase over 2011. By 2015, the industry contributed US $ 1.3 billion to the US economy, which represented 7.6 percent of GDP in the United States. As a counterpoint, Kraft also reports on recent studies, but without naming them, shows that employment in cleaner energy production is on the rise.

For example, such a study could be the United States energy and employment report for January this year, which showed that proportionally, solar employment represents the largest proportion of workers in the electricity generation sector, To the construction related to the significant increase of the new Solar Capacity.

According to the Department of Energy’s report, solar technology employs some 374,000 workers, or 43% of the electricity generation workforce. To compare, the use of fossil fuel production accounts for 22% of the total electrical workforce and supports 187,117 workers in coal, oil and natural gas production technologies.

The oil industry lobby naturally requires more federal offshore exploration space. Kraft, on the other hand, sees the future as legislation that promotes a diversity of new energy technologies. He argues that as clean energies become more competitive, the transition to cleaner energy will naturally occur, with well-designed policies to ensure a smoother transition without economic disruption.

Last year, renewable energy sources accounted for about 10 percent of total energy consumption in the United States and about 15 percent of electricity generation. Gérard de API maintains that “expanding access to US energy resources is essential for energy security and economic growth in the future.” It calls for the opening of a larger area outside development because “we let hundreds of thousands of well-paid jobs at the table, let alone increased production of more than a million barrels of Oil equivalent per day.”

Blue Whale Challenge APK Download Steps

All you need to know about the Blue Whale Challenge APK Download Steps

Blue Whale Challenge Game is quite popular in the World and it is played by lots of people. This Game has many different levels in which one have to complete all the 50 levels to complete entire Game.

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Teenage boy detained in Saudi Arabia for dancing to ‘Macarena’ on the streets

Saudi police said Tuesday they had arrested a 14-year-old boy in Jeddah after being filmed dancing in the famous song ‘Macarena’ in 1990 a crossroads in the city. The video clip has become viral with many people sharing it on social networks.

The teenager was questioned because he had shown “inappropriate public behavior,” and also stopped the traffic after a “confidential investigation,” police in Mecca said in a statement. The name and identity of the young man were not revealed. It is unclear whether charges will be formally prosecuted.

The video clip shows the 45 second teenager wearing a striped shirt, gray shorts and dancing shoes in the middle of a crossroads on the way to Prince Mohamed Bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh with his headphones that cover his ears while still standing Opposite five lanes of cars, which had stopped at a traffic sign.

According to the Middle East Eye, the video appeared online in 2016, but was deleted. Resurfaced last week. The secure video has received a lot of attention on Twitter.

Abu Dhabi Police recently arrested four people, including a woman, after a video had a conversation with one of the detainees was downloaded on the Internet last week. Police said they had been arrested because the video was “offensive to the culture of the Emirates.”

The video has also been criticized on social networks and has been described as unethical and offensive to UAE society. According to the culture of the United Arab Emirates, men and women from different families can not meet alone. They must be accompanied by a family chaperone.

The detainees were charged with “reckless conduct” while the video was removed. However, the detainees said they were making the video in order to warn women to date strangers on social networks.

HomeIndustry TechnologyFlipkart Big 10 sale: From ‘Lowest price’ iPhone 7 to buyback guarantee; Top offers and discounts Flipkart Big 10 sale: From ‘Lowest price’ iPhone 7 to buyback guarantee; Top offers and discounts

E-commerce giant Flipkart will be hosting the Big 10 sale as sellers have lined up with heavy discounts and schemes for consumers. The Flipkart Big 10 sale will be starting from midnight of May 14 and will last until May 18. Flipkart will kick off its 10th-anniversary celebrations tonight with the 5-day sale. In the limited period sale on the e-tailing portal, products under various categories have been put on offer with special prices. The products range from fashion accessories to the latest smartphones, electronics, smart televisions, home decor and home appliances. Additionally, there are many exchange-offers as well as cashback offers on bank cards, on the portal. The cashback offers range from 5 percent to 15 percent depending on the types of cards which are used for purchase.
Meanwhile, Flipkart expects to see a five-fold growth in transactions on its platform during its ‘Big 10’ sale, which is different from the flagship The Big Billion Days sale. Flipkart Director Smrithi Ravichandran told PTI, “We have been preparing for months for this sale. It is a big event for us. During the sale, we expect about 5X of the usual number of transactions we see on our platform on any given day.”
Here below are the top deals which Flipkart will be offering against different categories:Le géant du commerce électronique Flipkart sera l’hôte de la vente Big 10, les vendeurs se sont alignés sur des réductions et des régimes importants pour les consommateurs. La vente de Flipkart Big 10 débutera à minuit le 14 mai et durera jusqu’au 18 mai. Flipkart débutera ses célébrations du 10e anniversaire ce soir avec la vente de 5 jours. Au cours de la période limitée vendue sur le portail e-tailing, des produits sous différentes catégories ont été mis en vente avec des prix spéciaux. Les produits vont des accessoires de mode aux derniers smartphones, appareils électroniques, téléviseurs intelligents, décoration et appareils électroménagers. En outre, il existe de nombreuses offres d’échange ainsi que des offres de remboursement sur les cartes bancaires, sur le portail. Les offres de remboursement varient de 5% à 15% selon les types de cartes utilisées pour l’achat.
Pendant ce temps, Flipkart prévoit une croissance de cinq fois sur les transactions sur sa plate-forme lors de sa vente “Big 10″, qui est différente de la vente vedette The Big Million Days. Le directeur de Flipkart, Smrithi Ravichandran, a déclaré à PTI: «Nous nous préparons depuis des mois pour cette vente. C’est un grand événement pour nous. Au cours de la vente, nous prévoyons environ 5X du nombre habituel de transactions que nous voyons sur notre plate-forme au cours d’un jour donné. ”
Voici ci-dessous les meilleures offres proposées par Flipkart dans différentes catégories:Gigante de comercio electrónico Flipkart será el anfitrión de la venta Big 10 como vendedores se han alineado con grandes descuentos y planes para los consumidores. La venta Flipkart Big 10 comenzará a partir de la medianoche del 14 de mayo y durará hasta el 18 de mayo. Flipkart iniciará sus celebraciones del 10º aniversario esta noche con la venta de 5 días. En el período limitado de venta en el portal e-tailing, se han puesto a la venta productos de diversas categorías con precios especiales. La gama de productos de accesorios de moda a los últimos teléfonos inteligentes, electrónica, televisores inteligentes, decoración del hogar y electrodomésticos. Además, hay muchas ofertas de intercambio, así como ofertas de reembolso en las tarjetas bancarias, en el portal. El cashback ofrece rango de 5 por ciento a 15 por ciento dependiendo de los tipos de tarjetas que se utilizan para la compra.
Mientras tanto, Flipkart espera ver un crecimiento de cinco veces en las transacciones de su plataforma durante su venta ‘Big 10’, que es diferente de la venta insignia de The Big Billion Days. El director de Flipkart Smrithi Ravichandran dijo a PTI: “Hemos estado preparando meses para esta venta. Es un gran evento para nosotros. Durante la venta, esperamos aproximadamente 5 veces el número habitual de transacciones que vemos en nuestra plataforma en cualquier día dado “.
A continuación, se muestran las principales ofertas que Flipkart ofrecerá en función de las diferentes categorías: El gigante del comercio electrónico Los grandes vendedores están interesados ​​en las reducciones y los regímenes importantes para los consumidores. La venta de Flipkart Big 10 débutera a minuit le 14 mai y durera hasta 18 mai. Flipkart débutera las celebraciones del 10e aniversario con la venta de 5 días. En el curso del período limitado de venta en el portail de e-tailing, los productos en diferentes categorías fueron vendidos con el precio especial. Los productos van de los accesorios de los últimos teléfonos inteligentes, aparatos electrónicos, televisores inteligentes, decoración y electrodomésticos. En outre, il existe de Todas las ofertas de cambio así que las ofertas de reembolso en las tarjetas bancarias, sobre el port

FireStarter Apk Latest Version Download

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Idea Cellular posts net loss of Rs 327.7 crore, Jio hurts

Idea Cellular beat estimates in the fiscal fourth quarter while posting its second net loss in succession, with both voice and data services hurt by a brutal price war triggered by the entry of Reliance Jio, a development which has also forced India’s No. 3 telco to announce a merger with rival Vodafone India.

For the quarter ended March 31, India’s No. 3 telco posted a consolidated net loss of Rs 325.6 crore compared with a net profit of Rs 575.6 crore a year ago. Earnings were also hurt by finance cost which rose 15.5% on year. An ET poll of analysts had estimated the Kumar Mangalam Birla-owned company to post a loss of Rs 943 crore for the said quarter. India’s No. 3 telco had reported a net loss of Rs 385.6 crore in the previous quarter.

Revenue fell 14% on year to Rs 8126.1 crore, as as data and voice rates fell and its subscriber base shrank. Revenue in the fiscal third quarter was Rs 8662.7 crore.

“The October to April 2017 interval can be best described as ‘Period of Telecom Discontinuity’, permanently changing mobility business parameters,” said the company in its statement.

The company said along with Vodafone it has initiated necessary steps to obtain regulatory approvals and joint merger notification has been filed with the ‘Competition Commission of India’ (CCI) and the Scheme of Arrangement has been filled with SEBI & Stock Exchanges for their approvals. This year both Vodafone and the Aditya Birla group that owns Idea Cellular said on January 30 that they were in talks to form a joint venture with equal rights in an all-share deal, which would create a much stronger telco to take on the competitive threat posed by Reliance Jio Infocomm. The talks involve Vodafone buying fresh shares in Idea and deconsolidating its India unit.Idea Cellular beat estimé au quatrième trimestre fiscal en affichant sa deuxième perte nette en succession, avec des services de voix et de données blessés par une brutale guerre des prix déclenchée par l’entrée de Reliance Jio, un développement qui a également forcé le numéro 3 de l’Inde à Annoncent une fusion avec rival Vodafone Inde.

Pour le trimestre terminé le 31 mars, le chiffre d’affaires n ° 3 de l’Inde a affiché une perte nette consolidée de Rs 325,6 crore par rapport à un bénéfice net de Rs 575,6 crore il y a un an. Les bénéfices ont également été affectés par des coûts financiers qui ont augmenté de 15,5% par rapport à l’année. Un sondage ET des analystes avait estimé que la société Kumar Mangalam Birla détenait une perte de Rs 943 crore pour ce trimestre. Le chiffre d’affaires n ° 3 de l’Inde avait signalé une perte nette de Rs 385,6 crore au trimestre précédent.

Les revenus ont diminué de 14% par rapport à Rs 8126.1 crore, alors que les taux de données et de voix ont diminué et que leur base d’abonnés a diminué. Le chiffre d’affaires au troisième trimestre fiscal a été de 8662,7 crores.

“L’intervalle d’octobre à avril 2017 peut être mieux décrit comme« Période de discontinuité télécom, changement permanent des paramètres de l’activité de mobilité », a déclaré la société dans sa déclaration.

La société a déclaré avec Vodafone qu’il a engagé les étapes nécessaires pour obtenir des approbations réglementaires et une notification conjointe a été déposée auprès de la «Commission de la concurrence de l’Inde» (CCI) et le Schéma d’arrangement a été rempli avec SEBI et les bourses pour leurs approbations. Cette année, Vodafone et le groupe Aditya Birla, propriétaire de Idea Cellular, ont déclaré le 30 janvier qu’ils étaient en pourparlers pour former une joint-venture avec des droits égaux dans une entente globale, ce qui créerait un telco beaucoup plus fort pour prendre en compte la menace concurrentielle Posée par Reliance Jio Infocomm. Les pourparlers impliquent Vodafone d’acheter des actions fraîches dans Idea et de déconsolider son unité indienne.
Idea Cellular superó las estimaciones en el cuarto trimestre fiscal mientras registró su segunda pérdida neta en sucesión, con los servicios de voz y datos dañados por una brutal guerra de precios provocada por la entrada de Reliance Jio, un desarrollo que también ha forzado a la India Anuncian una fusión con su rival Vodafone India.

Para el trimestre finalizado el 31 de marzo, el número 3 de telecomunicaciones de la India registró una pérdida neta consolidada de Rs 325.6 crore comparado con un beneficio neto de Rs 575.6 crore hace un año. Las ganancias también se vieron afectadas por el costo financiero, que aumentó un 15,5% interanual. Una encuesta de ET de analistas había estimado que la compañía de Kumar Mangalam Birla poseía una pérdida de Rs 943 crore para el trimestre mencionado. La tercera compañía de telecomunicaciones de la India registró una pérdida neta de 385,6 millones de rupias en el trimestre anterior.

Los ingresos cayeron un 14% interanual a R $ 8126,1 crore, ya que las tasas de datos y voz cayeron y su base de suscriptores se redujo. Los ingresos en el tercer trimestre fiscal fue Rs 8662,7 cr

We will know core of team for World Cup in five months: MSK Prasad

We will know core of team for World Cup in five months: MSK Prasad

We will know core of team for World Cup in five months: MSK Prasad

Pallekele: Head coach MSK Prasad said on Monday that the heart of the Indian team for the 2019 World Cup will be determined in the next four or five months thanks to a rotation policy.

Pacers Mohammed Shami and Umesh Yadav and Ravichandran reinforcement channels Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja has rested during the next series against Sri Lanka and the rotation was precisely the reason for the decision.

“We have identified a number of players that will be considered for the next 4-5 months and the roderons.

After these 4 to 5 months, we lend the image are some players who will participate in the 2019 World Cup, “said Prasad after India had completed a series wash.

“We have started this process of rotation and rest to our key players, so we will see how some of these young people in the coming months, and that we will call at the end of the year,” Prasad said.
Prasad also announced that starter KL Rahul fourth time in the upcoming ODI series.

“We have 22 to 24-25 players in mind.We will rotate them and see how they are progressing.After some time, we will continue to make a short list so that we can focus on them for at least eight months to a previous year To the World Cup, “Prasad said.

“We will be dealing with KL Rahul in number 4. He is a very good player to sit in. Because Shikhar and Rohit are in very good shape, that’s what we saw in the Champions Trophy, we’ll start with KL in this particular order.

These are different permutations and combinations that we will continue to try until the end of this year and that boils down to a particular model and we will continue with it, “he added.

Prasad has no reason to know whether Indian players have to improve their fitness standards, otherwise they will not be considered as selected. Chief selector presented marker for 2019, which describes a new selection policy based on fitness.

“If I put my hand to the heart and say after the Champions Trophy, we felt we had to be stronger and stronger, we felt it necessary to increase our fitness levels.

We try to correct some fitness parameters and anyone who strictly respect these parameters.

“We have two or three phases in the parameters that lead to the 2019 World Cup and if someone does not match these parameters, it will not be considered independently of anyone,” Prasad said.

“In terms of abilities, we are the number one in the world, but in terms of fitness, we must meet our standards.Players seated selectors and set some parameters as reference.It is the physical parameter condition, c is the body of the texture , etc.

“You will get an official version on this because it is the BCCI, which has to give.But set these parameters.They have to match them.

Today, the world has adopted these standards. Even Pakistan has certain parameters. Even though we are slow, I’m sure it will definitely catch up. “

Yuvraj Singh no more India's limited-overs talisman?

Yuvraj Singh no more India’s limited-overs talisman?

Yuvraj Singh no more India’s limited-overs talisman?

Is this the end of the road for Yuvraj Singh? The good left-hand bat was retired from the India team during the limited tour of Sri Lanka and who knows if the 35-year-old will make another round of the team?

The decision of the selectors that reflects their mentality with less than two years for the 2019 World Cup? Maybe it is if one reads between the lines of what the experts feel.

“Yuvi is a fighter, but I think I’m going to go to the 2019 World Cup, which is more to do with his physical form rather than just the way it looks. There is a difference between physical condition 20 50 and physical form “Said Saba Karim. A national selector on the last panel, according to the PTI news agency.

“It was our panel, which got Yuvraj in 2015 for Australia T20.At that time, we were watching the World T20 in India and the Yuvraj experience.But now it’s different.

I think Manish (Pandey) is a great talent and should have enough opportunities, “said the former Indian Stumper.

“We have a little more than half a year for the World Cup, the central team needs at least 40 games, and Manish has been a very good captain in India, and he is perhaps one of the best players in the India up, “Karim said.

In addition, the selectors could also balance the main team before the World Cup. Most of the key players on the side would look good in their thirties when the brand event will start in England and the Yuvraj exercise has been a concern for some time.

Virat Kohli will be nearly 31 years old, Rohit Sharma turns 32, Shikhar Dhawan 33, Kedar Jadhav 34, Ravichandran Ashwin 32, Ravindra Jadeja 30, Umesh Yadav 31 and Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be over 38 years.

Can you afford to bring a player who would have a month over 37 years?
Yuvraj has been recalled for the Indian team for the series against Australia T20I with an eye on the World T20.

But an injury forced him to leave his side before being pulled back while Kohli took over the ODI and T20 teams.

A sensational 150 against England and win half a century against Pakistan (in the Champions Trophy) showed the world its true class.

One of India’s biggest game winners in shorter formats, Yuvraj announced his arrival with a brutal against Australian world champion Australia in his first international innings.

Since it was the talisman of India win the T20 ianugural World and the 2011 World Cup with spectacular shows.

Yuvraj has fought heroically cancer, but was not the same player after the battle against the dreaded disease.

There are still no clear words about the selectors about what the future holds for Yuvraj, but if it is not part of their plans, it seems unlikely to make another turn.

“Unless the selectors are going to come out with a definitive statement on Yuvraj, do not know exactly their policy. That said, you can not have two 38-year-olds in the World Cup.

India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test: Hardik Pandya's fireworks, Kusal Mendis' run-out and other key moments

India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test: Hardik Pandya’s fireworks, Kusal Mendis’ run-out and other key moments

India vs Sri Lanka, 3rd Test: Hardik Pandya’s fireworks, Kusal Mendis’ run-out and other key moments

India beat Sri Lanka in turns and 171 runs to complete a time of 3-0 series, their first home run in a series consisting of three or more games.

Shikhar Dhawan and Hardik Pandya shone with the bat before Kuldeep Yadav was impressed during his first game of the series with four windows in the first innings as the hosts were expelled by 135.

Virat Kohli has applied tracking the hosts, but the lions collapse again with Ravichandran Ashwin grabbing four windows as India fired the hosts by 181.

As another test match became a one-sided contest, there were some key moments that shaped the outcome of the game. Take a look at the key turning points of the game:

Hardik Pandya gestures after running his first-century first-class on day 2 of the third test against Sri Lanka. AP
Hardik Pandya gestures after running his first-century first-class on day 2 of the third test against Sri Lanka. AP
KL Rahul fell

India started well with Rahul Dhawan and fly freely. The duo sewn an association of 186 people who sat the bases of the first total Indian total entries of 487.

Sri Lanka was loose enough on the floor of the series and was guilty of giving easy runs. Rahul was granted a suspension in 11th place, dropping when he was at point 2.

Rahul played a wild shot and the ball is out of the bottom half of the bat, where Lahiru Kumara went wrong. The Karnataka hitter capitalized on the error and scored 85 runs in the first innings.

Sri Lanka letting the lead slip on day 2

Sri Lanka was willing to restrict India to 329 for six at the end of the first day. The hosts beat up at regular intervals after the layoffs and Rahul Dhawan and were very well looked after.

The hosts had taken the new ball for 1 day, with Wriddhiman Saha and Hardik Pandya in the fold of India, and it seemed that the hosts would have difficulty crossing 400 after Saha fell on the second day 2.

However, Sri Lanka has failed to get the last three windows quickly while Kuldeep and Pandya played the first few laps to destabilize the hosts before Hardik is released with what can be described as one of the most impressive test games of the last time.

The whirlwind of Hardik Pandya

When the Indian team was announced for the tour of Sri Lanka, many people were surprised to see the inclusion of Pandya. While the ATV was lethal in the shortest game formats, it was still an untested product in the test cricket.

But at age 23, he justified his inclusion with a fifty in the first test in Galle. He followed with a 100 without mercy in this test.

With Shami and Umesh giving to their company, everyone realized the need to score some quick races and beat eight 4s and 6s seven to catapult India to the total imposition of 487.